D101 games is born

Well I’m finally working in earnest on something that I may have mentioned to you in the past, . What form this takes ultimately , web site with free download able pdfs or full on published book is uncertain at this point and will depend on how much fun it turns out to be. Oh did I mention fun? Yes I’m doing this primarily for maximum fun and if you want to get involved I am looking for contributors, pedants and enthusastic supporters.

I’ve set up a LiveJournalto chronicle the development of the company and games.  I have made it friends only to protect my ideas at this stage. So if you haven’t got a live journal account you’ll need to set one up and then ask me to add you as a friend via a comment on the Welcome post or add d101games as a friend (and I’ll return the favour) to give you access.

As for my first game, well I’m finally knuckling under and finishing off “Monkey”* a narrative/story telling tale of chinese mythology based on the Book of the same name. If you want to know more, go read the live journal.

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