On being a pirate at work

I let out a gentle “Yar!” at work while making the morning cofee and my work colleague asked me if I was being a pirate. I responded with the negative, but I went onto expand that it would be fun to do if I was leader of my own section.

Then I would be Pirate King of the the Academic Support Seas, and me and my merry bunch of knaves would sail the sever seas of IT stealing Projects and running them aground. Anyone who disgreed with me and the lads (sorry girls no lasses at sea…bad luck) would have to walk the gang plank, out of the window of our 4th floor office. Our buried treasure, which would be famed throughout the university, would be a stash of the finest PCs and digital cameras which nobody else would be able to use (cos they’re on our secret traffic island see). We’ld send black spots to any users we didn’t like and they’ld be mightly affraid. We’ld regularly defy the wishes of the Vice Chancellor and his agent the Registar. Drink Rum instead of Coffee and swing through the open plan (in lieu of any rigging so to speak)

Shiver me timbers.


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