Well I didn’t get the job I went for , Database/Web developer within the School of Medicine at Manchester. I’m a tad grumpy about it, since it would have been a nice leg up on the money front. However I got some cracking feed back. Apparently I did a good application and my interview was good too. At the end of the day it was a close run thing with them only deciding to go with another candidate who had more experience than myself last night (interview was on Monday). So no dishonour or disgrace there.

After the post-feedback grump I’ve been quickly refocusing on my current job. The win-win nature of going for this other job was the knowledge that I’m not fleeing my current job because I hate it or have to due to financial reasons. In fact I quite like my job. There’s lots of good work to be done. In fact in many ways quite a positive outcome, since I know will have the time to finish off the projects I am working on and comfatably round out my skills.

In other news Rach has got an interview at Huddersfield next week 🙂

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