This weekend I have been mainly seeing this message…..

…on my computer screen.

Yup I’ve been wasting more time and money playing Call of Duty 2, and the above is one of the many user-friendly messages the game gives you at any applicable time. Its abit like the Microsoft Office Assistant has snuck into the game engine, “I see you’ve found an MG42 you might want to press F to use against the mass of Germans rushing your position”. Playing wise its like the first game on steroids. bigger maps, frighting amounts of enemies and more explosions. The big strength of the original Call of Duty games was the fact that you had an AI squad fighting alongside you. This time there’s more of them, and overall it plays less like a game of Tag (“Hey Jenkins your it, go over there and blow up that bridge while every Jerry on the map tries to shoot you) and more like a game of British bulldog (“Hey Jenkins, lets all rush the bridge while the whole of the third Reich charges to met us!”) where if you go too far ahead you suddenly find your self surrounded by big burly Germans pummelling you to death with the butts of their rifles.

My only gripes with this awesome game.

  • Its too short
  • Russian campaign far too short
  • What’s with the fat comedy Germans? (I kid you not)

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