Matters of the body

Well I’m still with cold, and its got worse if anything else. So I’ve taken today off. I’m determined to be as productive as possible, while getting the right amount of rest. Which probably means doing stuff this morning, and having a nap this afternoon.

I’m getting a tad concerned that since the onset of Autumn, I’ve been hit repeatly by a series of stinky colds. It probably has something to do with giving up going to Kung Fu, which was getting unmanagebale due to the commute to and from Manchester (where I work) each day. This was my only form of exercise and a bloody good one at that!! When we’ve moved I’ll be able to get to an exercise class of some form. In the mean time its upto me to do what I can, eat sensibly, get enough sleep, keep up with my meditation and chi-kung.

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