The tide of snot is going in…

Hurrah my snotty cold is clearing up! HURRAH HURRAH HURRAH.

Was completely miserable yesterday because of it. Ok not completely miserable, downloaded and watched the penultimate episode of Rome (where Titus Pullo got into yet another kick ass fight!!) and a couple of games of Multilayer COD2, which is silky smooth in a WW2 FPS sort of way (and shites all over DOD Source).

Quickly nipped to B&Q to pick up a wooden pole for our “For Sale Sign” and then had great fun putting it up with Rach.

The day ended on a bit of a downer. Rach’s Grandma fell and fractured her leg, in the same way as Foz did in his infamous Skateboarding accident. No this for an 85 year is going to lead to all sorts of complications. We might be moving to Oldham sooner than anticipated, to house sit Rach’s parents house as they move into Rach’s Grandmas to give her full time support. Watch this space sports fans.

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