The light at the end of the tunnel is begining to shine brightly.

XMAS is nearly upon me and I hurtle towards it rapidly.

The weekend was a quiet one. Got to spend a whole day with Rach on Saturday. A WHOLE NORMAL DAY. Just get up, eat, hang out, eat, watch tv, sleep, sort of day. Bliss.
Sunday went for lunch at Whitelocks, and caught up with Ginger Matt, deputy_dug, maviscruet, susannah_banana, grannyannie,glennkenobi, and GM’s old flat mate Tarin. Had a lovely lunch with the largest pile of nachos known to man topped off with a couple of pints of Old Peculiar. Yum

Monday was Ethel’s funeral and a day I’ld rather forget. i’ll miss the old girl something rotten.

Back at work, finish tomorrow, and using coffee to keep me motivated. Not really working. Can I go home now?

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