The die is cast

Well the first wave of the move has been completed.

This morning I was a very sweaty and achy Newt as approx 15 boxes of stuff came down from the attic. Rach was a bit flabbergasted at the amount of Role-playing books, Comics and Books I have, and serious discussions were had about reducing the amount of geek stuff I have. My inner 15 year old is sulking badly at this moment in time, but my adult self aching dully down my left side sees the sense in it. Expect a big sale on Ebay over the coming months.

Since certain boxes would have killed Brian to lift and I fancied seeing the new house I went over to Oldham in the transit van Rach had hired for the job. The heavens descended on us, sheets of rain and fog and Rach who hasn’t driven a transit before was most perturbed!! Got there picked Brian up and put boxes in house and garage in record time. Still sinking in that this large house is ours now. Had another quick look in the room that shall be the gaming room (aka the dining room).

Came back to Leeds mid afternoon and after a quick lunch and some quick packing, I started the days work. Which is strange. I’ve been working since 4, just had tea, so I guess I’m half way through my working ‘day’. Well this is the sort of wacky adventure I wanted when I embarked upon my career as a Software Developer.

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