So its finally the day of the big move and I’m giddy with excitement. Were moving the last of the small boxes full of books, binliners full of clothes, and the house electronics (PC, phones, TV, DVD) today with the aid of the in-laws. We reckon it will take two trips in both our cars.

The room for the cats is prepared; covered litter tray (almost the cat equivalent of a chemical loo), food and scratching post were set up in the spare bed room, along with a plastic floor sheet- which has a disturbing burberry pattern!!!

We also bought the wireless router and usb network adapter (both in Speedbooster variety that claims to boost perfomance by 35%!!!) yesterday, so I should be back online on Tuesday.

Looking forward to being reunited with my stuff (comics, rpg books, dvds, cds, books) that have all been at the house since the begining of Jan. Tonight me thinks is sitting down having a beer and watching either Dune or Kung Fu Hustle on the new widescreen. 😀

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