Well the latest broadband at home drama continues….with a cast of tens…

NTL turned up with a crew of ten today. One construction crew ,to dig up the public road and find the access point which someone has buried, and an installation crew to dig up the block paving and landscaped garden here at Castle Von Newport.

Lots of umming & rring ensued around my very short wife. Even the Supervisor was racked with indecision until my short, but not to be
messed with (shes a midwife), wife got him to be on the level. “Well I’m not meant to be saying this but if this was my house I wouldn’t have it done.”

Hence after almost a month of arsing about we’re cancelling the NTL account, and Pipex will be providing our broadband from now on.

So if you need to contact me via email please contact me on mrnewt AT gmail.com effective immeadiatly.

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