Being without t’internet for about of month, I’ve been catching up with films and TV.

Layer Cake a marvelous British gangster film. Slick and more twisty than a curly wurly. I can see why Daniel Craig has been chossen to be the next Bond off the back of this.

Gangster no 1 Originally saw this in a late night showing at the local arthouse cinema in Leeds (the Hyde Park) and it was suitably blown away by the sheer mad intensity of it. Other gangster films might be about the cast ensemble, but this one is firmly centred on the main character played by Paul Bethany in his younger years and Malcolm McDowell in his older days. And what a head fuck journey through the world of a true psychopath.

King Arthur Actually quite liked this one. Clive Owen was as wooden as he usually is in the dialogue bits, but as far as dark ages action goes this hit the spot. Kiera Knightly was actually quite good as Guinivere and Ray Winston was the biz.

Battlestar Gallatica This is must see tv at the moment and it goes from strength to strength.
Definatly going to catch up on the first series via rental asap.

The Prisoner Rewatching this as I’ve got the entire run on dvd. In light of the current world
situation this makes for especially scary viewing.

The Armstrongs Wednesday nights BBC 2. Follows a husband and wife team who run (in the loosest use of the term) Coventry’s 3rd biggest Double Glazing company. Car crash tv at its best. Reality is strange, and I wouldn’t be upset if this turned out to be a hoax. In fact I’ld be gently relieved.

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