De Vinci Code & The High Temple of Capitalism

Went to see the De Vinci Code at the Trafford centre with Rach last night.

This was my first time at the TC, and I must say it blew my mind. Now I’ve been to my fair share of Megaplexes (Newcastle’s Metro Centre, Leeds’ White Rose) but this one was like a palace, full of columns, marble and glass domes. Shops were the same old same, but I was aware that I was in a High Temple to Capitalism. The resturant/food court is especially bonkers. The food court is like the deck of an ocean liner, with a fake sky (with stars that come out when it gets dark!!!), and the restruants upstairs are in themed areas (Greek, Egyptian, New Orleans, Chinese). We had a lovely meal at Est Est Est and caught up with each other. Which is good since Rach is about to embark on a week or two of nights while I’m off to Germany.

The off to the Odeon, in the Roman Themed section, to see the Film.

When me and Rach read the book on our hols a couple of years ago, we both thought that it was a nice light read that was taylor made for a film adaptation. We were’nt surprised at the news that Tom Hanks would be taking the lead in a film version.

As films goes the plot was fairly predictable, maybe because I’m pretty conversant in the conspiracy theory behind it all and had more importantly read the book, but what really impressed me was the fine and enjoyable performances through out.  Paul Bethany as the psycho albino monk (a role that I thought he wouldn’t have the physical presence to pull off, but I was pleasantly wrong), Ian McKellen,as the Grail Expert and Jean Reno as the relentless French cop really stood out.

One to copy of Sky Movies when its shown, and an enjoyable light entertainment film if you don’t take the plot seriously.

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