I’m off to Continuum tomorrow. The culmination of about three months hard work, including one hard-drive crash which resulted in a major change of plans and a desperate dash to the finish line that I’m currently heading towards. The result? A weekend of Mega Gaming Fun; 24 hours of runing games (or the Narattorthon as I’m calling it) , catching up with good friends I only see at these events and beer in sunny Leicester. Since the venue has wi-fi, and I now have a laptop courtesy of work, me and some others will be blogging about during the event on the Continuum community weblog I’ve set up.

In real life I’m on a real crest of a wave at the moment. The end of several big projects, both in terms of work and esteem, are rapidly approaching and I’m excited/terrified in equal measure. I think the excitement is winning out and I’ve never felt so alive 😀

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