Answers to Mavis’s questions

Make em geeky

1)Worst rules explanation in an RPG ever?

HeroWars, first edition HeroQuest, too many to quote really. All stemming from the fact that the explanation of the single unifying Dice mechanic was borked.

2)Which game system suits the game they are actually trying to create least?

RuneQuest. They present Glorantha as a world of rich in politics and magical mystery and they gave use a system where you can kill things and take their stuff instead.

This is why I like Mongoose’s new version of RQ and 2nd Age Glorantha, because they are pretty up front about the how the setting and system fit together and Imperial Glorantha has two empires, fighting each other and everyone else, who might was well have “kill folk and take their stuff” as their motto.  

3)Best computer game ever? And why?

Deus Ex. Its a FPS (blam kill things) its Roleplaying game( yar get better at killing stuff) its a sneak’em up, its got a gripping ending with multiple paths and endings, its cool cyberpunk with great music.

4)What is your favourite RPG story of all time?

The one we created at Tentacles by playing 11 hours of a mini-campaign that I have written for HeroQuest based in the Lunar empire. Started of slow, swords and sandles stuff, ended up totally cosmic horror. Obviously I haven’t enough room to go into it here.

5) If you had to choose to have a son or a daughter – which would you choose and why?

Daughter, because I grew up in a male dominated household and would like a change of pace.

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