Because a good MEME refuses to do die

Not to mention its a slllllllllllllllllowwwwwwwww day at work

1) How many roleplayers does it take to change a lightbulb and why?

None, because for a variety of sad reasons the one with the spine would have to ask a passerby/friend to do it. Either that or the girlfriend/wife of the one with a spine would snap and go “Stfu!! I do it!!”

2) Who is harder? Snap, crackle or pop and why?

Pop, because although he comes across as a pansy in the adverts this is just a front to conceal his viscous crimenal activities off screen.

3) Does the baby scare you… at all?

Not just yet, its still in its great cosmic womb prison. Ask me again once its been born and  rampaging across the cosmos.

4) Is the beer ok where you live?
I’ve escaped Tetley’s land. Need I say more 😉

5) Which metallica member would you throw down the stairs

All of them for being a load of whinging self indulgent gits.

6) Do you miss Beeston?
No, I’m in surburban heaven in a big house surrounded by countryside. Why would I miss Beeston? Do you think I’m a mascochist?

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