The simple things in life

Ah, spring has sprung in Sunny Oldham 🙂

Tandhill road, were I live, is alive with blossom.

The garden  has bloomed to this in a matter of weeks.

And Rachel who is in bloom as well has gone from this

to this

in a matter of weeks

I have been guilty of over complicating my life. As a Taoist I shouldn’t be doing this. Stress over work, stress over pregnancy, stress over gaming stuff. You name it I’ve found a way to perceive complexity and make life stressfull.

As a result I’ve not been sleeping very well. Last night I was kept up with a dodgy stomach. Had I eatten something off? No, it was just the stress store had finally reached my guts, a tender area that shouldn’t be used for such purposes.

After a whinge to Rach, before see went to church (for those of you unfamiliar with Rach she is a practicin Christian), which fell on deaf ears I’ve got on with my chores.

The main one of which was mowing the back lawn, with our trusty 470hp petrol mower ‘Metallica’. After some whinging about needing an oil change Metallica got down to the job and chewed up the lawn in fine style. Although the garden is looking kinda wild at the moment, which I kinda like :), I know if I do a little bit now and then I’ll get it under control and next year add new features (a herb & veg plot is top of my list).

Anyways this is where you find me at the moment. Sitting on the Garden bench, with the wireless laptop, enjoying the simple pleasures of my sunny garden.

This afternoon the chaps come round for Roleplaying, and since we’re down a player this week we’re going to do some playtesting of Monkey 🙂

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