Stuff n’ thangs

newt vs the jungleSpent the last month or so getting the balance of my life right. Definatly a case of trying to do too much and getting stressed about things. Lots of little ‘projects’ and niggles have been axed so I can concentrate on what is really important.

The garden has taken a hammering. It was getting far too overgrown, due to my laziness and being busy elsewhere. Initially got a local gardener, a move initiated by Rach that I was never too happy with (male ego), but he seems to have given up on us during the recent wet spell. So when the sun has shined recently out I’ve gone to clear the jungle. Nearly there, just the big shrubs/trees at the back too do. Chuffed at this but somewhat unhealthly obsessed by the quality of my back lawn. So in short: Gardening is the New Metal and Alan Tichmarsh RAWWK!

Rach and Eve are doing well. Rach is enjoying being a mum overall, but sometimes the tiredness and boredom does get to her. Eve is growing at an amazing rate. I was aware children do this, but to see it happen! She has well and truely got the hang of smiling, and also does this cute snuggling thing too.

Work has been a bit strange and stressful of late to say the least. Not going to go into specifics but we are going through a departmental reorganisation, although disorganisation is closer to the mark. Its all a cost cutting exercise, since the geniuses who run Manchester University (my work) delieratly went £20m into debit two years ago when UMIST merged with them to recruit more researchers/academic staff and build new shiney buildings, on the basis that they could sell the old UMIST buildings (which they can’t since no one wants prime city centre real estate riddled with ASBESTOS!!!) and make cuts in Academic support (us plebs) later. So now we are having to shoulder a 20% cut! Most of this meant to be coming out of staff savings, but since the Unions have tied the Uni’s hands behind their back by saying there should be no manadatory redunancies they are doing this by letting us all apply for Voluntary severance. Which I have since I’m fed up with the nonsense this place comes out with. Should be a giggle if I get it, but any way I’m on my way out. Definatly out of University type employment or any other public sector (been there done that, got hacked off), possibliy into private industry or possibly freelance/self employed. Uncertain times, watch this space [/rant over]

Steadily getting on with my various RPG writing projects. First draft of Monkey preview edition will be done by the end of the month. Just bought 2nd Ed warhammer Fantasy Roleplay for a bit of fun after my current HQ campaign winds up and I’ll be entering Black Industies 2007 Scenario competition. Also been playing with Ancient world lifepaths (ala RQ3 ) for Burning Wheel and must really finish off Enemy at the Burning Gates for inclusion in the Furnace Con book. Talking of which Furnace is exactly 3 months away!!

So despite work being a bit funny and the weather being a bit crap, I’m having a fun summer so far!

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