Most of May

Been awhile since I’ve posted here properly. I think shorter posts should do it. If I’ve got time to post comments I’ve got time to post here 😉

Evie’s 1st Birthday party was lovely and it was nice to catch up with folk who came (even the knife fighting Foz brothers 🙂 )

Been sick. sick and sick again. A similar cold to the one I had over XMAS. I joke that I was besieged by Evil Snot Goblins. Well over the last week I had to cough them up, one at a time YICK!  Almost lost the will to live, was unpleasant to live with (sorry Rach 🙁 ) which made me realise that if I ever got any proper illness I would be truely awful. More or less over it now.

Hearts in Glorantha and SimpleQuest coming along nicely. Currently having a crash course in InDesign which RAWKS!!

Rach got a Wii after months of pontificating. Its great. Rach videoed me playing with it, but you are never seeing that particular home movie (Titled ‘A fat man plays Wii’).

Had a nice Personal Development Review which confirmed that I’m settled in happily to my new role 🙂 Onwards and upwards they say.

My pc Monstro, which I have had for six years, crashed windows again. Its fixable but its time to move on. Getting a shiney new gaming machine from CyberPower . Monstro is going to live with my brother George which makes me happy since its a good machine that I’ve had allot of fun and use out and I would hate for it to go to land fill.

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