Gosh is it summer already?

Things are getting busy busy here.

Fortunately I stay resolutely happy, despite a few wobbles here and the and the ever increasing stress of the upcoming birth of Newtlet#2

Work is fun and funky, with me becoming more and more of a WordPress/Opensource Guru everyday, while still keeping my ASP.net skills up.

Sorting out the Middle Bedroom to be come Evie’s new big girl bedroom is woefully behind scedule. I have promissed Rach that big progress will be made this weekend while she is away at her Knitting get togehter.

Had an awesome time on bank holiday Monday just gone, when the Sheffield posse met the Manchester mob and much gaming was done at Newtcon 2. I ran Monkey and Unknown Armies (an almost forgotten classic), Elaine M ran a much well recieved game of Dead of the Night set in WW1 and Dr Mitch ran Spirit of the Century.  As well as the gaming it was a nice day of chating, booze and food with glorious weather.

Although I’m missing out on this year’s RPG cons, I’m using it as an excuse to get ahead with the D101 releases I have planned. I’m now pretty much happy with the state of the rules for Monkey, so I’ll be sticking my head down and getting the game finished soon. OpenQuest still drags on but the end is in sight, going to burn the midnight oil over the weekend to get the final layout done. Meanwhile the first adventure book for OQ, The Savage North, is coming together nicely. Yesterday had the nice one of getting another   cover for it sorted. Jon’s just puttting the final polish on it, then I’ll show it off to the world. Its ace stuff.

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