So 44

Had a lovely birthday yesterday.

Took the day off to look after the kids, who are on half-term, and they were lovely all day. Mum came round this morning and I talked the hind legs off a donkey since I was in very high spirits 🙂

Kids presented home made cards, Evie made a cake and we all played Disney Infinity 3.0 (a console game which comes with figures, and this version is Star Wars!) . Rach was asleep most of the day, due to her being between night shifts (boo), but when she got up there was glow sticks  and a quick live action version of Tom and Jerry (both courtesy of Evie and Henry).

Rounded off the day by watching the second episode of Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle, and after a quick nod off the rather excellent first episode of Fargo Season 2. followed by a quick spot of blogging while listening to the Best of Chet Baker (Cool 🙂 )


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