Been a typical Sunday. Tired and emotional with lots of things to get done before work commences tommorow.

Real do or die period of my life at the moment. Just finishing off an application form for a Masters in Software Development at Leeds Poly. My mate Ginger Matt popped in briefly, b4 heading off to London for the week, to pick up an application form for Euro Gen con (big gaming convention in Manchester UK at the begining of Sept). Jokingly I said that i may not see him until August, and it turns out that I may be right!!!!

Still not really getting my head round this career orientated lifestyle I’m embarking on at the moment, but hey its only the first year of it and its been going swimingly so far.

Sorted more of the Attic out today, although it became clear that its going to be much bigger task than anticipated.

On the exciting front I discovered while i was posting at Barbelith Underground (, then goto the Nexus) by viewing a member’s profile (a chap called Zenith) hence this latest chapter of the online experience. The Magic section of this bulletin board is really inspiring me. At the moment some of my posts are ending up on my Rants section, but I reackon that they will soon end up in their own section probably called “Warp Magic”.

Also updated my Webpage with an account of last weekend’s fun and games in London.

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