Whoa what a weekend it has been.

Friday was Foz’s and way to much beer.
Saturday was playing too much computer games, nursing a hangover and then creating a new one on Saturday night when I went round Wuf’s & Fiona’s and Jo from London was there, with new bloke Keef. It was nice to see her and every one was on form.

Had a nice day yesterday, wrote a new article for Frag-energy about a UT mod, Tac Ops, that I have wasted most of my weekend playing.

Today I have been slaving away at my Hero Wars Scenario for Gen Con and I still haven’t finished it!!!!! Gah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh well only two days to go.

Also just hit me that I won’t be working for Her Majesties Government for much longer. There goes my last bit of respectablity.

I love Bank Holidays.

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