I’m feeling more than a little lost. At a time when I should be getting it together, I feel distanced from myself.  This made lunch distinctly odd, walking around Manchester City centre (which definatly has a large dollup of the futuristic in its new buildings which dominates the skyscape, City 17 anyone??).

However pulled it together to go in search of some guitar rawk in response to keefybabe’s top 10 entry. I realised that appart from Auf der Maur’s and Helmet’s new albums I haven’t come across any good Metal/Rock releases this year.

Did the two for twenty quid job and got two 2004 releases that I’m hoping should become much loved classics.

Biffy Clyco– Infinity Land. Imagine the genetically enhanced offspring of Rush and Fugazi, mind blowing stuff.

Breed 77-Cultura. This is what happens if Iron Maiden learnt flamenco rythms and spent too much time in Arabia.

Looking to check out Mastodon next in this 2004 rock voyage.

Right time to pack up and f**k off home.

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