ARS Magica 5th ED

Bit of roleplaying nonsense here (for you that like that sort of thing)
Picked up a copy of ARS MAGICA 5th Ed and it rocks!!!

Nearly ten years ago I had the pleasure of playing in a game run by David Chart at Gen Con UK. I hung out at the bar with David and we chatted about the respective merits of the Ars Magica and Glorantha Fan communities. David who was quite releaved that his was not the only game where people would argue the toss about trivial points, said that he would love to do an accessable version of the game. While likeing the game immensly I told him that I wouldn’t have time to get into it. He agreed saying that a game that requires you to understand a latin for spell names was always going to have a limited appeal.

Well fast foward as 5th Edition Designer, David has got his wish. And I have got an accessable and very clearly written game, with lots of hints of running it, cleaned up rules, and understandable background. I’m really enjoying reading it cover to cover on the train into work each day. Also its a game that I can see my self setting up and running. Not as continuous campaign week in week out, but as an occasional “Special” were the player characters coming from the same Covenent (Wizards home base) can act as the glue that holds it together.

Best of all its on the special price of $24 (or 14 quid to us Brits) until the end of December. Even better Travelling Man in Manchester has 20% of all their RPGs since it is their opening month so I got it for the princley sum of 12 pounds!!!!

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