XMAS Shopping Recon

Just back from Lunch, which was meant to be XMAS shopping for Rach.
However with the mad crowds, I chose not to enter a panic driven frenzy and impluse buy. Nope it was merely a recon trip, where gifts were located and noted for later purchase should they prove unavailable on online (where I’ve done 90% of my shopping this year).
Still Manchester was awash with happless shoppers, and to add another touch of surreality some company has errected a giant screen in Piccadilly Gardens which booms out irrelavant advertising crap across the square.

One thing that surprised me this year is how easy they make it now. Its box sets and 2 for one offers galore. If you like tv series look heres the complete run in a box set. If your child likes this book, hey get a soft toy with it in a special pack! The worst one, which exceeds our Rach’s prediction when the first film came out on DVD was the Matrix special edition. All three films, plus the Animatrix, plus the making of for each, plus more odds and sods (10 dvd’s in all) along with a plastic bust of Neo!!! Gawd help us when they do the Lord of the Rings Uber Edition!!!

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