Last day of sloth

So this is it. XMAS lies murdered. All the rich food and booze has been consumed. Mr Newt is probably fatter for it. The rest of the world is back at work (ha ha) and I’m enjoying the last day of my holiday.

Its not been the most productive holiday. I had a big stack of half to seventy five percent finished rpg stuff I wanted to wrap up, which hasn’t got done. But I’ve had a good rest and recovered my sense of humour which I think had dissappeared in the relentless grind of the last quarter of 2004.

Yesterday was spent in a vast grump about the end of the hoildays and the prospect of reentering the Rat Race. Rachel was good and gave me many hugs that cheered me up. Solace was also found in playing far too much Rome Total War. Overall it was an emotional blow out the likes of which I haven’t experienced for a good while.

However the good which came out of it was that I realised that I function better when I’m chilled and relax, and that my job isn’t a grind but instead I get to play for a living. Compare web development to say hard labour or Nursing and you’ll get what I mean.

If nothing else I’m going to make it my business to be relaxed cheerfull and amiable this year .

Now back to getting the most out of my last day 🙂

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