Friday already?

Well that’s what comes of a short week.

Quite glad really. Everyone’s getting back into the swing of things, myself included. I’m a bit overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done. But in small babysteps its getting done. Practically flew through yesterday and got twice the work done that I did in the last month before XMAS. I plan on staying this refreshed and motivated and productive for the rest of the year.

This year is already proving to bubbling over with promise. My RPG writing has quitely taken off since I’ve been back at work. After this weekend I’ll be able to put to bed yet another project thats been half done for far to long. At work I’m booked on two quality training courses (Databases on the web and Exploring XML) in the later end of this month. This month is also good for socialising with Alison’s Birthday this Saturday, which will see everyone out in force at Fuji Hiros (Japanese Noodle place in Central Leeds), and my brothers and Rachel’s at the end of the month. Also the possiblity that we will be going upto Northumberland, if mum comes out of her huff (she put the phone down on me last time I rang on Sunday!) that she’s been in since XMAS.

If anything there really is too much going on. Must quietly plan and scedule.

Lots of things I want to do over the weekend. Must ensure some quality slack time amoungst the doing stuff.

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