Walk don’t run!!!

Can’t beleive its Friday again and the second week of January is over. Hell it doesn’t even feel like January, in part because its been very mild appart from the howling gales over the weekend. In part because I’m still on this crazy high. I’m usually looking at my shoes this time of year. Definatly going to have to write up a plan of things to do, to channel all this productivity.

Wednesday went out to Bella Italia with the Foz’s. Young Danny is the spit of Calvin of Calvin and Hobbs fame. He spent the whole evening pulling faces, eating crayons,drinking milk with a fork and generally being the centre of attendtion. This is very strange since Foz used to be the attendtion hog, now he cheerfully lets his Danny take centre stage. And all the Foz’s talk about these days is is the two lads while me and Rachel happily smile and nod. Mike Patton wasn’t jesting when he wrote the lyric’s to Faith No More’s Zombie Eaters

Last night got in late and then humped about 4 boxes of Rach’s books down from the attic. Yes a mighty blow against the clutter was struck last night, since only one box returned upstairs. The rest are going to charity tomorrow. The offensive continues tonight with the last of her books (another three stack and stores) coming down and being sorted while I look through mine.

This is all part of the sort out house prior to moving, hopefully in the last quarter of this year if finances are straight enough.

I tell you big things are afoot at the Newport house.

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