My gosh!!

What a long time it has been. Well I have been a busy boy 🙂

Quick update

Easter-came and went and was unbelievably lazy. A convient recharge point methinks.

Last Week was mind blowing training in Leeds, learning with C# (for the geeks amoungst you Microsoft’s webprogramming framework with a very hard language). Very good stuff which will allow me to fast forward my career at work. Also had a nice syncrontistic event. Been thinking for sometime about doing some freelance webdevelopment work. Well on the course I meet a chap called Chris who is already doing this. He filled me in on how it works and contact details were swapped. Watch this space 🙂 Came down with the stinky cold on friday and took the day off to clear it up.

Weekend- More lazing around the house. Reinstalled Unreal Tournament 2004 and planing to seriously get to grips with the Editor after Battlemasters but doing the online learning courses over at 3D Buzz Also had a quick look at the stuff I’m running at Battlemasters (RQ, HeroQuest and Unknown Armies) and breathed a big sigh of relief that I’m 99% done. Went round Ginger Matt’s on Saturday evening and drank way too much beer (which wrote off Sunday). Caught up and found out that his life is actually more hectic than mine. In fact it was him that did the majority of the talking !!!!! Sunday came back home. Snuggled with Mrs Newport. Watched Dr Who, which Rach is loving as well from reading other people’s LJ there’s a trend of people who disliked the original who like the new series.

Today I’ve finally returned to work with a new computer with Duel screens (!!!) and blindingly fast performance. Guess I’m finally seeing the benefits of working in IT 🙂

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