Bad Religion

Went to see Bad Religion at Manchester Academy 3 last night

Meet up with Nice Andy at about 6 outside the Students union, the steps of which were already filing up with young teens. “I could be some of that lots father” I commented as we moved swiftly on to the pub down the road for tea.
I had a lovely spicy bean burger that hit the spot. From the chatter around our table I felt like I was surrounded by the teens again, but when I focused my eyes properly I saw it was people our age a grip with pre gig youthful enusasum.
Over tea caught up with what’s happening with Nice Andy at the moment. He’s still living with his folks working for Warrington Fire Service as a Fire Officer and jumping on cheap planes to Italy every five minutes. Life certainly is treating him fine.

Doors opened at about 7:30 but rather than wait for hours in the big que (Mr Newt does not do ques!) we walked back down the road to a bar called Big Hands. Found it a bit shallow at first, but as the nice cool lager poured down my throat it suddenly became a very cool place to be.

About 8:30 went back to the venue and walked straight in. Missed the support act and had another beer. The gig was unbelievably busy, seeing as it had quickly sold out when tickets went on sale. The Academy 2 is the bigger brother of the Academy 3 where I saw Skinny puppy a couple of weeks ago, but it still looks like a school hall. Which was kinda appropriate with all the clean cut hardcore kiddies packing the hall. Its been yonks since I’ve been to a hardcore gig and I’ve forgotten about all the punching the air, bouncing around and the general polite moshing that goes on. So into the pit I went for the whole gig, and surprised myself about how energetic I was. “Fly fatman, fly!” The band’s performance was ok, they played a good mixture of old stuff (pre 94 ) which I knew and new stuff which I didn’t. But unlike Skinny Puppy it didn’t set my world on fire.

Then after a quick car lift courtesy of Andy it was home on the train with all the fat Korn (who had also played last night) fans.

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