Mmmmn sunny

Yesterday was fun. I didn’t expect it to be, but it was.

Wednesday night went through the presentation with Rach, and the first draft was horrendous. Worked with Rach on as second draft, which was less wordy and actually told the interviewers what they wanted to hear (which they spelt out on the invite to interview letter).

So got up played some games and then polished up and printed off handouts.

By 12:30 I was on the train and a quick taxi at the other end I was in the Curry mile, just up the road from the University, where the job was located in a local health centre.

The presentation and interview went well. It helped that I presented a web site that I maintain for the School of Nursing for the Mentors, Nurses who help our students when they are on clinical placement, was similar to what they are looking to do for GP Mentors. One of the interviewers also got the Sex Pistols mentioned in the interview which was a good sign.

Happy that the interview went well and was actually quite fun, I soaked up the gorgeous sunlight and took a long walk back to the train station stopping off for a lovely pint of real ale.

Got home said hi to Rach who was going to her end of course party and settled down to a night of beer and DVDs. Interrupted rudely at about 10 by a rather drunk Rach who rang me up. All I could hear was a background of shrieking drunk women, as the phone was passed round her course mates, all of whom told me that I had to provide Rach with a baby and to start in September so that we could have an easter birth! Made excuses put phone down, continued with bloke time.

Today I’m finally feeling in the Holiday mood and with the weather holding up I’m looking to have a nice relaxed weekend.

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