Off ill again today.

Yesterday was a nice being off ill day, as far as physically feeling shite can be. Watched Enemy at the Gates again, which is quickly turning into my ‘confort cheer myself up film” in the same was as Apocalypse Now and Bladerunner used to be. My latest ebay auction (as part of the attic clearout) is now earning serious money. An out of print book I won on ebay turned up, so inbetween bouts of nausea and playing on the computer read bits of that. Also did of web programming which was nice, seeing as I’m getting bugger all done at work. Ate nice revitalising food and generally had a 14 hours of quality me time. Shame about the nausea.

Today was all fired up to go back in and have a laugh at work, but still feel crap. So I’m here at home again. However got the feeling that today will be more being ill doing useful things around the house since Rach is not working today.

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