This man’s a nutter

There was a time during the mid to late nineties, when I thought that Killing Joke was a spent force. Oh how wrong was I. They’ve got a new lp on the way, and Jaz (lead singer/also classical composer/conductor) and Raven (bass player) have a new 4 cd release

“Gems of Power is a four CD spoken work box set that includes Original compositions by Jaz and ambient music by raven. There is also exclusive footage of Jaz in Templova Prague, back story of Killing Joke and excerpts from Jaz’s magikal diaries Gems of Power take you in to the mind and internal workings of Jaz Coleman & the philosophy of Killing Joke.”

I was pissed off that I missed them play in Manchester last week, but I think I’ve just decided what I want for my birthday 😀

More on, including an excellent 30 min interview with Jaz.

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