Warm and fuzzy

Feeling yuck again, but I suppose I could have it worse. Combination of poor diet and lack of sleep still getting me down.

Things have taken a turn for the worse with Rach’s Grandma. Apparently she’s not being fed properly at the hospital she’s at. They have an automated menu system, were you put a vertical line in a box next to the meal you want on a menu form. Well Ethel doesn’t understand that and also keeps on missing the box (she has arthritis in her hands). She then ends up missing meals. And when something comes up it is less than appetising. All this makes me several shades of angry and sad at a system that lets our old people rot in hospital. Rach has gone over to her parents until Thursday so she can visit her.

Work continues to be a grind, but gradually getting there. Potentially an exciting web programming project in the new year. Watch this space sports fans.

Not sure what to do tonight, got the chance to go rpging playing Cthulhu Rising, but feel that hibernating at home may be a better option.

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