Sharon’s wedding

At the end of feaster week we went down to Oxford for Rachel’s mate from school Sharon’s. If you came to my nuptials you might remember the tall blonde bridesmaid who did the reading. That’s Sharon.

Over the last year she’s been training in Oxford to be a Vicar. During her time there she meet her husband Andrew. So last Friday we got up at the crack of dawn and drove down to St Mary’s University Church (pictured) which has been her parish church for the last year. After being given orders from the missus not to sing to any song I didn’t know and not being a church goer mesen, I settled back to observe the marvellous ceremony. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Not only were bride and groom vicars, but half the congregation was. The service was led by the Vicar who had trained them both and Sharon’s dad, who you guessed it is a vicar, did the vows. It was truly a moving experience.

Afterwards we went for wine and vitals in Oxford Town hall, an impressive building in itself, before bombing over to Bicester a small village north of Oxford for the family and friends wedding reception.

Had a great time, and Rachel despite getting up at the crack of dawn after a long day at work the previous day really enjoyed herself too.

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