Nicely refreshed

Hit nice relaxation levels over the bank holiday weekend.

Finally sorted out the ‘missing leeds’ nonsense in my head and moved on. Now embracing the new house with the attendant gardening and housework that goes with it and loving it. Got back into feeling that life is one big surreal holiday, which is much more fun than the ‘oh my god I’ve done something wrong and they will make me pay!!!” panic I seem to have inflicted on myself over the last week.

Saturday was when I sorted out my head on this one. Apart from watching the Wild Bunch (a stunning film that I must get on DVD) I pretty much pluged myself into the pc for the day and archived the sum total of nothing. It was then the penny dropped. I wasn’t missing Leeds, I had brought my Leeds lifestyle with me (the computer room was beginning to look uncannily like the old attic). So I fucked off down the hill to Royton Town centre and had a nice sunny walk there and back to post some Ebay stuff. When Rach came back had a quick chat about it and she came to pretty much the same conclusion. That we should get off our fat lazy arses and do stuff. FFS we have a lovely park at the end of the road, Tandle Hill Park, which in the three months of being in the new house I have been to a sum total of one time. Also I live in Oldham and if I carry on this way in six months time I’ll still be able to count on one hand the amount of times I’ve been into town.

So Sunday as Rachel went to church (the one where we got married) I cracked on with my uber twenty pc HeroQuest scenario Gbaji Rising which I’ve promised I’ll run and make available for three other gms at Continuum. Then when she got back we walked up to the Tandle Hill Taven up on the Lane. This pub which can be best described as a farmers pub or as pub that time forgot does a cracking pint of bitter. Brian enjoyed a few more than he usually does and wobbled home back up the road. After a quick nap got down to the serious business of pottering around for the rest of the day.

Monday. So glad not to be back at work. Did more witting and played some Red Orchestra (FPS Multiplayer based on WW2 Russian front, very realistic very gritty lots of fun). Then off to the garden centre up the road to pick up a garden bench, so we can sit out in the back garden which is a lovely hue of green at the moment. Had a nice surprise in the evening as the thefozcollectiv turned up all bubbly and bouncy after a day at Chester Zoo. After the bouncing on the settee and the scaring of cats had ended it was a slow descent into bed.

All in all a super weekend.

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