Broadcast from the depths of Newtworld.

Killing Joke last Friday in Manchester with Nice Andy was a fantastic gig. Saw lead singer Jaz Coleman in pub before hand and had a weak at the knees gushing fan moment. Getting back to Oldham via buses slightly surreal.

Work slightly tense last week, as two of colleagues were suspended for naughtiness that went beyond crossing the line of acceptable behaviour. Lets hope they don’t cross back over the line and come back to work. On a positive note, remaining team stronger for it and I may change my mind about moving on.

Mother and brother George came over Friday for the weekend. Shock horror we had a fun weekend !!! Went to the new Oldham Art Gallery, which was fun and went out for Brian’s 60th on the Sunday for a pub lunch at the Half Way House, our local. Mother and bro greatly impressed by new house and garden.

Back to work -Transmission ends.

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