Happy days are here again !!!

Gawd August was a pain. Tired physically, overcast emotionally led to one hell of a grumpy Newt. I try not to make this place a whingefest, hence no posts in August.
I’m over it now and back to my bouncy self.

Quick update

  1. I’ve joined the Gym and I’m loving it. Going again tomorrow or swimming (mmn whalemeat). Physical exercise rawks!
  2. Resurrected the writing project that I was actually going to get commercially published. Nearly torpedoed it with grumpiness towards the publisher (DOH!).
  3. Nearly finalised the games programme for Furnace (www.rpgfurnace.com). We’ve got D&D, Cthulhu, Burning Wheel, HeroQuest (of various flavours), Savage worlds, Traveller and a couple of small indie games (my own Monkey game included). Big push to get it full soon.
  4. Sending my mum in Northumberland houses down this neck of the woods (OL2 Royton/Shaw) for a planned move nearer to us.
  5. Finally played some Burning Wheel via Skype which rawks

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