Into the Dark Forest goes I

Well if last week was the big send off at the begining of the quest, cheering crowds, waving maidens, full escourts of strapping young knights in shining armour escourting us out  of the kings castle, this week has been entering the Dark Forest, with all its nasty goblins, trolls and scary ghosts. Woo hoo.

Work has been trundling along with a few scares along the way, of the uber boss enquiring about a piece of work that is overdue and a colleague breaking down in tears in front of us before going on a leave of absense due to stress.  I’ve also had wield the mighty blade of assertiveness to remind management types that work they asked to be done as a prority has been done and needs signing off to make live.Grr, it grinds but we are getting there.

Health wise, while I’ve not come down with a cold as is traditional at this time of year, last Saturday’s boozing has truely knocked the wind out of my sails and a general air of gloom prevails.

Slowly pulling the house together, whcih is going to accelerate tonight and tommorrow which I’ve got off, because my Mum is coming to stay to look round houses in our neck of the woods, with the aim of moving down here! Eeck!!

Oh well I’ll just plow on, can’t be stuck in the Dark Forest forever.

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