Had a good weekend

Got the weekend I deserved not the weekend I expected.

Therefore there was surprise VISIT TO THE PUB (happy now

 ?!?!)  courtesy of the in-laws on Saturday lunch. Caught up with the latest episodes of Rome (season 2) and Battlestar Galatica (season 3) courtesy of ‘friends’ in America. Both are still must see TV but in a different vein than previous seasons. Rome shows higher production values, in the form of more lingering colourful camera shots, and characters that are rapidly developing because of the sudden death of Caesar at the end of the last season and its consequences. Battlestar Galatica is less about the big fast space battles (although those still happen) but more about the characters and their relationships, which have been at breaking point for a long time. Also more about what makes the Cylons tick has come out in the wash this season.

Sunday finally christened the dining room as the gaming room, as a couple of folk came round and we played a memorable game of Cyberpunk 2020, which is going to be a short mini-campaign while I get my prep finished for a slightly longer campaign lasting six months or so.

Rach is beginning to finally get better 😀 Downside is I seem to be finally falling foul of the what she had. My throat feels as if I have been gargling razor blades this morning . Ho hum.

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