Last year me and some mates (



 )  set out to run a small Roleplaying Games convention for RPGers by RPGers in Sheffield. It was such a rollicking success we are doing it again.  Last year we ran for 40 gamers, this year we are aiming for 70 over the weekend of October 20th-21st in Sheffield. Since we are running at the Garrison Hotel in Hillsborough there’s lots of accomodation at the venue as well as some alternative B&Bs and Hotels nearby.

These games have been confirmed as of August 13, 2007. We are expecting many more, please keep on checking the website over the coming months.

Games confirmed so far:
Kult of Keepers: Halloween Special!
Call of Cthulhu Dr. Zugsmith Leaves for Cairo Classic 1920s. .
Call of Cthulhu The Legacy of Deacon’s Wood. Gaslight.
Call of Cthulhu Slapton Sands Modern Day.

Savage Worlds Mission Arcturus set in the 2300AD scifi universe.
Mythic Russia Party like its 1381 ! run by the game’s author Mark Galeotti.
HeroQuest In search of the King set in First Age Middle Earth.
Monkey The Bag of Wind a new storytelling game based upon this much loved Chinese Classic.
Blood and Sand Enter the Arena epic swords and sandal action using the Mongoose RuneQuest SRD
Elric of Melnibone “She dreams of Empires” run by the games author Loz Whitaker.
Call of Cthulhu (Delta Green) Der storch hat das Kind gebracht a for five players by Gary ‘Evilgaz’ Bowerbank
Savage Worlds (Pirates of the Spanish Main) The Golden Idol of the Unnamed Isle, a for 5 poxy swabs, by Gary ‘Evilgaz’ Bowerbank.
Qin:The Warring States The end of Zhao… for six players by Matthew “Ginger” Harrison.
Collective Endeavour (Andy Kenrick), running all weekend various CE games (Cold City, Dead of Night, Contenders, A|State, Covenant etc)
Burning Wheel Enemy at the Burning Gates, a game for four players by Newt Newport.

For more details please check the Glorious People’s Games Programme on the  website’s Games and Events page

UPDATE: More Pimpage, inc some photos, has been added by

in the comments below.

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