So that was Christmas….

Egads it was an intense one. Eve’s first XMAS, so no way we’re going to do the usual XMAS trail round relatives houses.

So we hosted a big old family xmas at our house, with all the trimmings. Only problem was all the preparation was a bit errr well last miniute. Oh yes and I came down with the cold from hell, which I’ve only just surfaced from (hence the late LJ post).

It was a goodie though, best XMAS in years.

Favourite bits,

Eve ripping into her presents and the look of exicitement on her face (in fact with all the relatives and things going on Eve was the most excited I have ever seen her)

Getting a Dalek bubblebath.

Drinking all day XMAS.

Seeing my Dad, who lives up in Northumberland, and having him stay for a couple of days.

Escaping next door, and being used by them as an excuse to escape their guests.

XMAS pudding and cake made by Rachel, yum.

Boxing day drinks and lunch with George and my dad.

Everyone going home day after boxing day.

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