Feckin’ Windows

Last night started the great Windows reinstall, as WinXP yet again lost its settings on the desktop in the office and there was no way of repairing it. Grr. Saying this I’ve not lost much this time round since all family email is no on Gmail, all bookmarks are saved via Foxmarks on Firefox and I grabbed all my documents (mainly RPG writing) and the sacred family photos (4.5 GB of photos of mainly Eve) and put it on my 80GB Ipod using an Ubuntu Live CD. In fact I’d probably go Ubuntu with Wine , for my old games and apps, since the machine is 6 years old and the most cutting edge thing is 2 years old, except Rach isn’t sold on Ubuntu. Compare this with the Ubuntu laptop we use daily while lounging about down stairs in the lounge, that has never needed to be reinstalled in the year that I’ve had it and is a similiar spec and age to the desktop.

Bit of a pointless rant, seeing that I’ve reinstalled WinXP, but it does give me food for thought for the new machine I’m planning on getting this year.

UPDATE: By gumby. After reviewing the WIneHQ App database, I’m inspired to give it a go on my Ubuntu laptop!!

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