Live from Ranch Relaxo

So Rach is on nights this weekend. Not something I enjoy, being in the house on my own freaks me out and I don’t sleep as well. Evie didn’t go down well last night, it took an hour to settle her. But once she did, I had me curry and settled in to catching up with TV (Battlestar Gallatica) and Films (Walk the Line and the Buffalo Soliders – both damn fine films, BS especially). Did a bit of RPG writing, but didn’t bust a gut like I planned. Struck me how much I needed to have a good relaxing night in.

Another night in alone tonight. Going to pick up the pace on the writing, since I have sorted out my writing set up with the laptop.  Got to make the most of it, since back to usual tommorrow and my gaming PC turns up šŸ™‚

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