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So I’m back from the Newport family invasion of the Cotswolds. A nice time was had by all. Eve is now fully up and walking ran around the cottage and I’m glad we went for the next price bracket up so that she could do so. in fact the cottage, in Bibury, was one of the best we’ve ever stayed in. Nice roomy and comfatble.

Despite this being a ‘chill out and recharge’ holiday we managed to get out every day and do something. A walk round a park here, a visit to a musseum there. All of which was good for the soul, but reminded me with a bang how physically unfit I am these days. Tiredness aside from chasing small child around various tourist attractions, I do feel refreshed and I realise how much sitting at the computer takes it out of me since the holiday was a  computer free zone. Also how junky and crap my diet is. So more activity and fresh veg for Mr Newt from here in 🙂 

Being away from work gave me chance to reflect on it. Once again I’m falling into a comfatable state of complacency. Its time to step up a gear and get on in life. Working at the Uni on one hand can be an oportunity to take it easy and sit in the slow lane, with bosses and colleagues that will quite happily turn a blind eye, but its also an opportuntiy to really try out some new ideas and run with it. i shall be doing the latter from now on. The part of my brain that glowed with joy when I pushed myself during my masters will do so again.

The big realisation, this being very much a ‘family holiday’ was that I spend far to much time and energy on my RPG nonsense. On holiday I actually engaged with what I was doing with Rach and Eve and had a great time doing it. Some RPG writing did get done, but it was more focused and quick and got the job done in a tenth of the time than my usual meandering work. A lengthy chat with Rach on Saturday evening after we got back confirmed that some times me musing about by RPG nonsense takes me away from what’s really important in my life. Which isn’t fair to anyone. Don’t get me wrong I’m not going to be giving up doing D101games, GoPlayManchester, Furnace and my Sunday group. Its still a big part of what I am and more importantly a bunch of fun. But its just now I have a sense of perspective that its not the most important thing in my life.

Overall a much needed rest with some life changing realisations that I now need to act on.

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