Still I rise

So its officially still winter, despite  almost spring like conditions last weekend. The small Newtlet family is currently hammered by colds and related illnesses. The good lady Rachel is currently asleep pumped full of antibiotics to combat tonsillitis. Our Henry, usually a climbing blur of motion, sits quietly on the sofa and Evie is somewhat fragile  after a bout of the latest.  Myself I’ve managed not to have a day off since last September. Its weird I’m suffering the physical effects of the various ‘breathing diseases’ as I call them, in fact I reckon I’ve had a cold pretty constantly since last September, which was the last time I had any time off work. In fact this was when I decided I wasn’t going to have any more time off work – which has been the case. Proof of mind over matter, or at least bloody mindness 😉

So in between falling asleep and brief bouts of fever, I’ve been quietly getting on with things. Not so much that you can measure ‘achievements’ but mainly doing the work to put things in place. Its a seasonal thing. Winter is a time  for introspection and planning. Spring planting, Summer growing and plans coming to fruition. Autumn the harvest. Rinse, repeat.

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