Returned from Winter Break in the Shire*

Been away in a secluded part of the Cotswolds for the last five days. Quality family time despite having a nasty viral cold. Each day brought some new joy or discovery and the whole break gave me some distance and perspective from my everyday life, without descending into naval gazing.


Seeing everyone battle through really stinky colds and have a real good time despite of the rather glum weather.

The cottage a real calm place of healing, were it was the small touches of decoration that set the mood rather than swamping piles of ‘stuff’.

Visiting Stratford upon Avon and William Shakespear’s Birthplace. Having the ever charming Henry humbled mid charm offensive by a tall red haired actress who commanded the room with an impromptu rendition of the intro to Henry V.Ā  Seeing Evie’s interest in the history of the house. Chuckling slightly at both of them referring to it as the “Haunted House”.

Exploring Bourton on the Water, which like a lot of the area had been touched by the flooding the week before. Seeing the children’s delight at the place, which is good since this is where we are going to be staying for two weeks in the summer. A solid family day šŸ™‚

Visiting the Roll Right Stones just up the hill from were we staying. Seeing the whole family’s spirits being lifted from deeply tired and foul to laughing and full of energy as we reached the stones. ‘Feeling’ the stones awake as I walked into the centre, and experiencing an intense (but subtle: no tales of hair standing on end here) uplift after I walked clockwise round the circle and then back into the center, which seems to have worked on all levels of my being. One immediate benefit seems to be that my cold is rapidly diminishing in power šŸ™‚

The meal that we had at Ask Italian in Morton on the Marsh straight afterwards, which saw all the family on good form and was also inspiring in the way it was presented and content wise. I went into it thinking Pizza Express/Bella Italia and now Ask Italian, is this is going to be much of a muchness? Turned out to be yes one hand by no on the other.

Gazing up at a star filled night sky with the kids.

Seeing the Birds of Prey at the Cotswolds Falconry Centre, always a joy but this time learnt a lot more about them and their behavior and how the lure of an easy life at the centre keeps them there. How each decision is based up how much work has to be done for food.

This music seems appropriate for the way I feel šŸ™‚

*the title reference is that Tolkien’s Shire is supposedly based upon the Cotswolds.

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