Choose the door out of Depression into the Magical Kingdom

So aggrieved at watching the BBC’s quite frankly venomous & ridiculous Election Show last night, I headed upstairs to watch some TV on the computer. I considered watching Apocalypse Now, in tribute to some of my Labour supporting pals reaction to the even early results/exit poll. Nah lets put on John Woo’s A Better Tomorrow…a kick ass gun-fu film where a villanous Triad member Chow Yun-Fat stylishly shoots his way to redemption. Kinda nodded off through that. Logged onto Sky On Demand and ended up watching an episode of the sublimly funny and magical Yonderland, a show for kids (and their parents 😉 ) , where a mildly depressed housewife travels through her pantry door to the magical kingdom of Yonderland. There she learns that she is the Chosen One to save the land from the Negatus” and spends most of her time foiling the ridiculous plots of said darklord and calming the argumentative and childish residents, by being down to earth and wagging her finger at them pointing out how silly they are 🙂  It’s done by the same folk who do Horrible Histories on CBBC who are kinda like a modern-day Monty Python (just in case you need any more selling on it).

I’m sure there’s a post election message in there somewhere from the Universe  🙂



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