Hey that was May!

It’s been a busy month.

First off our Rach is getting used to be being nearly full time now that she’s taken up a position as Research Midwife two days a week. Currently she still has to do two days of clinical practice, and its that which is the tiring stressful bit. We are hoping she goes full time with the Research job if a position comes available.  She’s doing well at it and is a lot happier. Plus it seems to have opened up our weekends. Which meant a couple of weekends we could…

Go camping!!! First trip out this year, due to a combination of me being away at 7 Hills and it being feckin’ freezing, and we went to a campsite just five miles south of Chester on a farm These pictures of the meadow next to the site, were the kids all went to play don’t do it justice.

bank-holiday-camping-the-view bank-holiday-camping-the-view-2

We drove down Friday straight after school, and spent the Saturday in Chester (because we needed to do a quick shop, something we won’t do again). Sunday we went to the Cotebrook Shire Horse Centre which was a nice walk in the countryside and finally Monday we had a nice pack up and drive home. Very hard work, and a bit more stress full due to our disorganisation. Next time everything in boxes and no shopping trips for things we’ve forgotten.

Couple of days at work then it was time to me to go to UK Games Expo at the NEC Hilton Metropole to run a stall for D101 Games.  Been wanting to go to this when it started 7 years ago, and various family things kept on getting in the way.  But not this year! Went with my mate Guy, who drove me and the stock down. We had a fun time working 5-7 hour days selling on the stall 🙂 Overall it was awesome. We did well on sales, saw lots of our mates (it was nice to be next to Nabil, Steve and the rest of the Traveling Man crew) and get a huge sense of achievement for D101 Games.  Full of Awesome and Win.  Already planning next year 🙂

Here’s some of the sights from the show….


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