The Days of the Week

These are the days of the week as I see them now, instead of the dull boring/miserable associations I used to use.  May it enlighten you and make your days HappyMad too 😀

Miraculous Monday. I used to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff I assign myself to get done in the week (the dark side of goal setting). Now I just acknowledge the miracle that I’m alive, and the joy of fill my plate high with stuff to do and make sure I have fun doing it.

Terrific Tuesday. Tuesday used to be this draggy non-entity of a day. Not any more, this is where I really get my head down and into the week’s work!

Magic Wednesday. A day of celebration, because at Midday you are suddenly going towards the weekend, rather than away from it 🙂

Thrilling Thursday. It’s nearly the weekend (or the start of the weekend if you are young/young at heart) so get excited!

Fantastic Friday. The fun-filled wrap up of the week’s work.

Slack Saturday, Ok there’s fun stuff to do with the family, but Saturday is the day

Smashing Sunday – Sunday boring and sleepy?  NEVER!!! 😀

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